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This course was designed specifically for general practitioners who want to stop referring 3rd molars out of their office. This course will provide you with the confidence and techniques required to perform faster, safer, and more predictable 3rd molar surgery, led by none other than the renowned Dr. Jared Williams.


This course is geared to GPs with little to no experience. You can be confident that you're learning from the best with Dr. Williams' extensive experience of over 10,000 successful surgical procedures, clinical assistant professorship, international authorship, and lecturing credentials.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to advance your surgical skills!

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Master the Proven Methods Employed by Dr. Williams to Successfully Execute 12,000 Surgical Procedures!

3M Blueprint to 3rd MolarSurgery $15,500 Value 3M Success Tribe $12,000 Value Smile Assist

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Space is Limited

Feb 18, 22 and 23

April 14, 18 and 19


April 21, 25 and 26


May 5, 9 and 10

July 14, 18 and 19




Instructor to Trainee Ratio 1:2

July 27, 28, 29


Unleash your Potential 

  • Boost Your Confidence
  • Stop Referring and Losing $$$ in Production
  • Increase your Speed​
  • Manage the IAN and Lingual Nerve
  • Take Your Career to the Next Level

Experience The JW Method

Hear What Other GPs Had to Say

Grow Your Vision

  • Gain Confidence: Following the course, you'll have the confidence to remove selected impacted wisdom teeth with ease, starting right on Monday morning.

  • Keep Patients In-House: Your patients don't want to be referred elsewhere. By acquiring the skills to remove wisdom teeth, you can provide comprehensive care in your own office, keeping your patients satisfied and loyal.

  • Profitable Procedure: The removal of impacted wisdom teeth is a highly profitable procedure. By offering this service, you can significantly enhance your practice's financial success.

  • Accelerated Learning: There is no faster way to master the safe and efficient removal of wisdom teeth than through this course. You'll receive expert guidance and hands-on experience, allowing you to quickly become proficient in this specialized area of dentistry.

Refund Policy

Jared E Williams DDS PLLC reserves the right to modify the announced course content, limit enrollment, or cancel or postpone any course due to unforeseen circumstances. Such circumstances may include weather, natural disasters, medical conditions, government regulations, facility availability, and dental board restrictions. Unfortunately, Jared E Williams DDS PLLC cannot provide refunds for any part of the course fee due to these events beyond its control. In the event of a program cancellation, registrants will receive a credit toward another continuing education course.

Jared E Williams DDS PLLC's liability is limited to the course fee and does not extend to any other expenses incurred. Attendees who are unable to attend a course after registering will receive credit for the next available course provided that their space can be filled.

It is important to note that Jared E Williams DDS PLLC courses may include controversial materials, and participants assume any potential risks when incorporating new techniques and procedures into their practices. Jared E Williams DDS PLLC does not take responsibility for the clinical diagnosis or treatment of any individual patient and cannot be held liable in such cases.

What You Will Get From Your Training

3rd Molar Surgery

  • Anatomy

  • Radiographic Examination

  • 3rd Molar Classifications/ ADA Codes

  • Rationale for Removal

  • Treatment Planning

  • Contraindications for Treatment

  • Medical History

  • Communicating with Your Patient


  • Local Anesthesia

  • Armamentarium

  • Grading Cases

  • Flap Design

  • Mesioangular Impactions Principles of Removal

  • Distoangular Impactions Principles of Removal

  • Vertical Vertical Principles of Removal

  • Suturing

  • Clinical Notes

  • Postoperative Protocols

  • CT Scan Interpretation

  • Nerve Injuries

  • Nerve Management

  • Coronectomies

  • Pharmacology

  • Management of Complications

  • Medical Legal Management

  • And much more!

This course is held in Houston, TX. Thursday and Friday are reserved for hands-on live patient treatment.  Sunday prior to we will do the live Q and A. All participants are guaranteed the removal of 8 impacted third molars. You will also assist your partner in removing another 8 impactions; a total of 16 impactions. The instructor-patient ratio is 1:1. Your surgeries will be recorded for instant feedback between each surgery. The patient will be treated without sedation to simulate real-life clinical when you get back to your office on Monday morning.


All patient treatment and panoramic X-rays are reviewed after each surgery. Participants discuss treatment and interact with patients post-treatment. 

"We train GPs with Little to No Experience to Remove 3rd Molars Proficiently in Less than 4 Weeks!"

You Deserve to Smile After Surgery!

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