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The Essentials Skills Bundle

3 Days        15 Proven Strategies  for Success with 3rd Molar Surgery.png

Unlock the Secrets Techniques of 
3rd Molar Surgery & PRF for GPs

Hands-On Training (Models)


This is an 8-hour course, divided into two parts: 4 hours of Live Lecture and 4 hours of hands-on model work and PRF Hands-on Training.  LIMITED to 20 Dentists! Secure your spot today

  • Part 1: 4 Hours Live Lecture​

    • Lectures will be recorded and will be available for 1 year. 

  • Part 2: 4 Hours, Hands-On Model Work and Live Patient

    • ​Model work will be completed at workstations​
    • Participants will learn to draw blood from colleagues. 


Instructor: Jared Williams, DDS 

Location: Sugar Land, TX

Dental Health Products Inc. (DHP)
1631 Gillingham Lane
Suite 100
Sugar Land, Texas 77478

*Lunch will be provided.

Topics Covered in Part 1: 4 Hours Live Lecture 

  • The  Perfect Instruments for 3rd Molar Surgery

  • Navigate the Nerve with Ease

  • Managing Complete Bony 3rd Molar Impactions

  • Building Trust with Patients

  • Local Anesthesia for Success

  • What to Do When Complications Occur

    • Prevent Nerve Distrubance

    • Pain Management

    • Preventing and Treating Perforations

    • Tuberosity Fractures

  • Learn ADA Codes to Prevent Loss of Production

  • Phelobotomy with PRF Protocols and Basic Science

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Topics Covered in Part 2: 4 Hours Hands-On Models 

  • The Flap Design 

  • Atraumatic 3rd Molar Surgery Removal

  • Instrument Selection Breakdown

  • Section 3rd Molars Predictably 

  • Flaps and suturing for PRF

  • Managing Complete Bony 3rd Molar Impactions

  • Phelobotomy with PRF Protocols and Basic Science

  • Live Hands-on Venipuncture Access and Preparation 

  • PRF Materials and Certerfuge Selection 


  • 8 Hours Live Lecture and Hands-On Training 

  • Part 1: 9 am-12 am CST

  • Part 2: 1 pm-5 pm CST

  • Date: Friday,  March 8, 2024

  • Time: 9 AM-5 PM CT (Lunch break at 12 PM)

  • Location: Dental Health Products Inc. (DHP) in Sugar Land, TX 


  • Dental Health Products Inc. (DHP) in Sugar Land, TX

  • Address: 1631 Gillingham Lane
    Suite 100, Sugar Land, Texas 77478


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