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3rd Molar Study Club

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Why You Should Consider the 3rd Molar Study Club:

The club is passionately committed to enhancing the ongoing education of General Practitioners (GPs) in 3rd molar care, with a goal to bolster your confidence. Central to the club's approach is an emphasis on treatment planning, enabling you to integrate 3rd molar procedures into a comprehensive dental care regimen effortlessly. In addition, the club provides an affordable, accredited training avenue, designed for both dental professionals and their staff to refine their competencies.

How You'll Benefit:

- Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the newest dental techniques.
- Build and nurture relationships with fellow dental practitioners, broadening your professional circle.
- Dive deeper into 3rd molar subjects, benefiting from a variety of lectures, in-depth case studies, and industry-relevant discussions.
Take the next step in your dental journey and discover the potential that awaits in the realm of 3rd molars with this club!
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Sundays 8 am - 9 am CST via Zoom 
*** All Sessions recorded***


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