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Before Tooth Extraction

The Consultation

Usually, people who need to have their wisdom teeth removed are sent by their dentist. If they've had X-rays/ Pano taken, those should be sent to the dentist. The dentist will check the wisdom teeth and decide if they need any treatment or if surgery is necessary.

During the consultation, it's good to bring something to write with and ask questions about how to care for your teeth and what happens during surgery. You can talk directly to the dentist, share any worries, and ask what to do before surgery. After the visit, the dentist will give you instructions for before and after the surgery. Make sure to talk about payment and insurance with the dentist's office before surgery.

The Days Before Surgery

Depending on how soon the surgery is after the visit, patients might just keep doing their regular activities for a few days or weeks. If the dentist has given any medicine or a list of foods to eat after surgery, it's time to go shopping. Having soft foods ready can help you feel better quicker.

Now is a good time to tell your job or school you'll need some time off and to tell your friends and family you'll be recovering for a bit. Also, make sure someone can take you home after the surgery.

The Days of Surgery

A patient’s pre-op instructions may depend on the type of anesthesia used, and the doctor’s orders should always be followed. Typically, patients should:

  • Strictly follow your dentists instructions about eating or drinking before surgery if undergoing IV sedation.

  • Avoid tobacco or alcohol for at least eight hours before surgery.

  • Brush your teeth before the appointment.

  • Confirm a responsible adult will be able to drive home.

  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

After 1 week from the procedure return to the dental office for a follow-up visit. 

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